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Sentence Starter Meme

Use any of the sentences below as inspiration to start your thread.

• Leave a comment with your character name, and canon
• Whether you want to write a starter or simply list preferences is up to you
• Others tag in - rinse, repeat

  1. “Gallows humor. Best kind there is”
  2. “Call no man happy until he is dead”
  3. “You got a second chance. Make the most of it”
  4. “You’re too fucking quiet”
  5. “Don’t piss off those bitches in airports”
  6. “You are where the forgotten wait”
  7. “Damn straight I’m a hustler”
  8. “Gods die”
  9. “Babes. You’re dead”
  10. “The dead always give me the screaming mimis”
  11. “You were given the sun itself.”
  12. “We’re like the wind. We blow both ways”
  13. “Liberty is a bitch who must be bedded on a mattress of corpses”
  14. “A man’s fortune is his own affair”
  15. “A story’s a good way of gettin’ someone on your side”
  16. “There’s a storm coming, and it’s not a storm of our making”
  17. “Where did all the blood come from?”
  18. “You shine like a beacon in the dark world”
  19. “I think empires rose and fell in the time it took you to pee”
  20. “Why does your car smell like bananas anyway?”
  21. “He borrowed money and opened a Taco Bell knock-off called Taco Bill’s.”
  22. “I would do anything to get away”
  23. “It’s there in the moment of eclipse and the moment of the storm”
  24. “Good-byes are overrated”

Source: American Gods, Neil Gaiman

The prompts can change with reposts of this meme, and feel free to PM me ideas you want to see. Based off the Bulwer-Lytton contest.

Other prompts listed in comments
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